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Henob's Engineering Services Limited.

HENOB’S ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED is an indigenous private company registered on the 19th October 2018. As a lifting equipment inspection servicing company in accordance with the company’s Act of 1990 referred to as the companies and Allied matters decree (CAMD) I of 1990.

HENOB’S ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED provides companies with lifting equipment inspections services for unified utilization of clients logistics and industrial operations requirements our services enables clients to carryout industrial operations in robust manner that is hazard free and in compliance with statutory standards and codes for the safety of its employees and equipment.

All our operations are carried out under the strict supervision of our QAQC and HSE supervisor. We also follow standard inspection procedure and proper HSE training with the use of checklist to check compliance with standard as well as HSE risk before and after commencement of any operation.

We have highly trained, experienced, competent and qualified personnel in accordance with internationally recognized standard best practice in calibration, lifting equipment rigging ,HSE and NDT inspection services. 


Delivering professional and excellent services in the oil and gas industry to better manage our clients’ global logistics, Calibration, construction, training and Inspection needs.


  • To provide inspection and calibration services;
  • To provide training, certification, recruitment and system support services;
  • To supply construction materials and delivery service;
  • To provide consistent quality project supervision and workmanship;
  • To specialize in engineering services including road building, heavy civil and marine construction;
  • To encourage a corporate culture where all our members of staff have a safe, respectful and rewarding work environment;
  • To consistently deliver project on schedule and on budget;
  •  To minimize the utilization of resources;
  • To seek business opportunities.


To be preferred source of quality engineering, training, certification and inspection services and product while building an enduring, innovative and successful organization.

Our Core Values

Increased Productivity


Quality Service

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